Christopher J. Kiesel B.A., M.S.

Coastal Group Investigations

As a Deputy Sheriff enforce all Florida State Statutes, County codes and ordinances. Investigate alleged criminal offenses and establish legal basis for arrests and development of criminal cases for prosecution. Reconstruction accident and crime scenes for court presentation and testimony. Respond to high risk law enforcement call out including fugitive apprehension to high risk warrant service and any need utilizing special weapons and tactics.

US Coast Guard Coxswain as a small boat Captain know and utilize the US Navigation Rules of the Road for safe maritime passage and application to the general boating public. Investigate maritime accidents and apply the US Collision Regulations. Conduct Search and Rescue efforts for the rescue and/or recovery of distressed vessels. Conduct Law Enforcement Boardings for the investigation of US Fishing Regulations and/ or Federal Code Violations.

Physical Education Teacher instruct Middle School students in the various physical and recreational activities to improve the health and well being of the student. Introduce and instruct to proficiency various sports and athletic events within compliance of Sunshine State Standards. Promote development and understanding of biomechanics and form within specific physical activities.

Owner/ Operator of Anytime fitness and Personal Trainer daily gym operations and write specific fitness programs for individual clients based on extensive knowledge of individual biomechanics.

Private Investigator assist in the acquisition of factual evidence to prove or disprove alleged activities against or for a client. Review discovery in criminal case to substantiate law enforcement claims of alleged violation or to discover discrepancies in facts supporting law enforcement. Review crime scene and interview witnesses for corroboration or refutation. Conduct criminal background checks to establish credibility or for impeachment purposes. Conduct surveillance operations to record activities of targeted individuals for use in civil proceedings.

Reconstruct crime and accident scenes for use in trial and AT FAULT determination in civil cases and guilt phase of criminal trials.
Reconstruction defendant, victim, witness, and subject location and action. Reproduce body position at the time and location of impact or injury in all cases.
Purveyor of truth for clients to enable informed decision making in determination of future consequences.


* Deputy Sheriff, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office
* Emergency Response Team, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office
* US Coast Guard Reserve Small Boat Coxswain
* Middle School Physical Education Teacher
* Owner/ Operator Anytime Fitness 24 hr. Gym
* Private Investigator, Coastal Group Investigations

* Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
* Masters of Science in Educational Leadership, Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
* US Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement School, Peteluma California
* US Coast Guard Boswain Mate “A” School, Yorktown, Virginia
* Indian River Community College Law Enforcement Academy, Ft. Pierce, FL


Special Skills and Licenses
* US Coast Guard Boot Camp Physical Fitness Award
* Law Enforcement Police Academy Top Gun Driving Award
* Law Enforcement Police Academy Top Gun Shooting Award
* 1994 Florida Swat Round Up participant
* US Coast Guard Coxswain Certification
* Class “B” Commercial Driver’s License
* NFPT Personal Training Certification
* Class “A” Agency License
* Class ”C” Investigator License

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